My poem

I don’t know what to say,
But I just want you to know
That I wish you have a great day.
Just remember to be yourself
‘Cause that’s enough.
If somebody doesn’t like you,
Make them…PUF!
If you like snow, let it snow.
If you like rain, let it rain.
If you want to be fit, then train.
If you want to be smart,
You should study hard.
If you want to be rude,
Try to change your mood.
If you want to be nice,
Before you speak, think twice.
But if you get wings,
Don’t let them go.
People shouldn’t know.
They’ll try to drag you down,
But darling you deserve to have a crown.
Everyone falls before they fly
So don’t you cry.
If you never try,
You’ll never know.
Just remember:
If they’re trying to drag you down,
They’re already below.
Don’t listen to him-or her.
You’re a person.
You’re enough.
I don’t know your battle,
And it may be tough
But even in the darkest nights
Stars still shine even more than lights.
Every day is a new beginning,
And if you don’t live, life has no meaning.
Set your goals high,
And even if you fail, try and try.
Through life you walk on your own line.
So when things get hard
Remember that you’re doing just fine.
You might feel sorrow, you might feel pain,
But there’s always sunshine after rain.
When I feel sad,
I have mum and dad
And for that, I’m very glad.
When I want to give up,
I have friends
Who build me back up.
But there always haters who say I’d never make it,
And that’s the reason that I will
And I ain’t being selfish
I’m just tryna keep it real.
I hope you like this song that I wrote,
And that you don’t forget the code:
Don’t let the words of others get in your way
And just be yourself ’cause that’s okay.

(by Nina Langus Nemeček, 9.a)


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